Health Warning

How to know that you’ve become obsessed with blogging:

When it’s a Saturday afternoon and you are standing in your sitting room with your mobile phone in one hand and a succession of Mr Men books in the other, taking pictures of pages from one after the other just to add a bit of colour to a post you have written.

Oh, and as a bonus warning:

How to know it’s time to weed out your bookshelves:

When you still have 32 of the 41 Mr Men books (33 if you count the fact that for some reason you have two copies of Mr Strong) even though they were bought when your eldest was a toddler and your youngest child is now almost fifteen.

Oh, and as a bonus bonus warning:

How do know that you need to get out more:

When you find yourself wondering if you could find the nine missing books if you had a quick look around the bookshelves in each of the children’s bedrooms.

It’s too late for me, but save yourselves.


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