Like It Or Leave It

WordPress are continually faffing about with their layout, adding new little features such as a list of your top commenters and offering applause vibes (“this is your 906th Post. Super!”) whenever you publish anything. (“Super!” is just one word they use – others include “Tight!”, “Cowabunga!”, “Fab!” “Cool!”, “Far Out!” “Wow!” “Impressive!“ and “F**k Me!”, though I may have made the last one up).

It’s less than a year since they added the “Like” button. By clicking this button readers can show their appreciation for the wonderful post they have just read (it’s on the dashboard above, I’m just saying). What used to happen was that when you clicked this button the word “Like” changed to “You Liked This”, presumably in case you weren’t sure whether you had clicked it or not, so that you didn’t keep doing it, thus coming across as less fan and more stalker.

But press the “Like” button now (you don’t have to, I’m going to tell you what happens anyway, but you might like to see for yourself, again I‘m just saying) and the word changes to “Unlike”.

Why would you want to do that? Why would you click “Like” on, say, Tilly’s Joke No 196 and then decide, almost instantly, “actually, I don’t like that joke at all” and go back and Unlike it? And by the way, doesn‘t “unlike“ actually mean something else?

(You won’t believe this – I wrote the paragraph above on the bus, far from the internet and having no idea what joke number Tilly was up to. I’ve just been to her blog and her most recent joke is number 196).

I use the phrase “almost instantly” above because that is surely the only circumstance in which it could happen. Once you’ve left the post you’re hardly going to back to it a couple of days later just to unlike it. Even if she has made some smart-alecky remark on your own blog (perhaps about you referring to her in the third person throughout an entire post), going back and Unliking all of her posts in revenge is the blog equivalent of cutting up a man’s suits, or spraying his car as in the famous picture below.

I wonder have they a list in which you can read which of your posts were “Unliked” and who did so, so that you can go back and do the same to vast swathes of theirs, setting in train a truly vicious circle in which everyone in every group of blogmates unlikes everyone else and our comments get cattier and cattier.

The only possible reason I can see for having the Unlike facility is so you can correct the error where you accidentally click “Like” on one of your own posts. Even in such an unlikely scenario the chances are that no-one will notice and you won’t be branded as a narcissist. I base this belief upon the fact that none of you noticed the time I accidentally did it.

The Unlike option was not available then, but even if it was I’m not sure that I would have used it. There’s just something very sad about unliking one of your own posts.


17 thoughts on “Like It Or Leave It

  1. Patti

    I have accidentally “liked” two or three of my own posts and felt a little silly about it – but you’re right, we should be okay with admitting that we like our own posts. Not that I plan to make a habit of it, but I’m just sayin’

  2. Jo

    Yeah, sometimes you click by accident.

    Or maybe it’s possible you could think a post was all about cake, and then realise it was actually about inciting racist hate crimes or something. Then you might need and Unlike 🙂

    1. Tinman Post author

      Um, it’s not easy to see how a post about racist crimes could appear to be about cake, but now I’m tempted to try and write one.

      It won’t be about inciting racist hate crimes, of course, but sometime I’m going to try and write something that seems to be about cake but isn’t.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Apparently a couple in England were watching the royal wedding on TV and the guy was raving about Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa’s bum (Google “Pippa’s Bum”, there about a million websites devoted just to it).

      Anyway, she asked was Pippa’s bum better than hers and, like an eejit, he said yes.

      So she sprayed his car, like you do.

  3. Tilly Bud

    I’m hurt. Why would you unlike me? Seems like you have to make a conscious decision to do that. I’m Sally Field, remember?

    You should send your suggestion to WordPress.

    BTW, mine says ‘Liked’ now, not ‘Unlike’. As it’s past tense, does that mean we liked it once but not any more and are too polite to say so?

    I liked this post… 🙂

    1. Tinman Post author

      That was the whole point, Till. Why would I like a post of yours then suddenly decide not to?

      Great last line, I asked for that…

  4. Inspiration to Dream

    So I’ve spent twice as much time here as I normally do because I can’t find the stupid ‘like’ button, so I don’t even have an option of unliking you either.

    Maybe I have to be a WordPress convert and not a lowly Blogger devotee because damned if I can see it anywhere.

    Woe is me when I can’t ‘like’ anything, perhaps you could provide signposts, illustrations, a map, anything to give me an idea where to ‘like’ you.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Sorry, Fi, when you get as few comments as I do it’s very hard to make yourself remove one.

      Besides, if I did then this comment would look silly.

  5. Janie Jones

    As silly as this is, I have to say, I wish blogger had a like button or similar feature. Sometimes I just want to let someone know I enjoyed what they had to say, but ten thousand other commenters have beat me to the clever comments I might have posted. Or, more likely, my mind is a witty blank and I can’t think of anything worth typing but want to give the internet equivalent of a smile and a thumbs up.

    Maybe one day we will have the option to clarify our like. Is it just like like? Is it actually LIKE like? Can we say we like Tinman’s post, but don’t LIKE like it? Or maybe we do actually LIKE it. Perhaps I need a daisy flower feature so I can pull leaves and discover if I like someone’s post or not. I like this post, I like it not. I like this post, I like it not.

    Thank heavens for Tinman. How else would I gain a complex about what I like and dislike, or perhaps I should say unlike.


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