Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

This is my busy week at work, so I’m getting home late, eating my dinner and going to bed not long after, so I apologise for my lack of comments on your blogs and on mine.

The one good thing about working late is that I was in our new office on the 4th floor when the sun set yesterday evening (I was there at the same time today, but the sun wasn’t, opting instead to itself warm under a woolly blanket of cloud), and that our room faces west (indeed, one of the girls who cycles home in that direction each evening has said we will get some fabulous sunsets in our room as the evenings grow shorter).

So here is the picture I took of yesterday’s sunset.

As you may have gathered I was too lazy to get up from my desk, and on my mobile phone’s screen the blinds weren’t visible, so I didn’t think I had to pull them up.

The sun sank lower

and lower

and finally I got up and went closer to the window

though only because I had to get up to turn on the light.

I will have another go if we get another sunset later in the week, but the weather forecast is not encouraging.

As I say, I’m sorry I’m not really around much this week, but I have the whole of next week off, so will be more in touch with you all.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

  1. jmgalso

    its a feeling i get when i look to the west. we watched dolphins in the harbour this afternoon they felt like sunset, magical beings jumping waves.

  2. Patti

    I agree that the stripey blinds add a certain something to the image. Lends a really interesting pattern to the clouds.


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