Only Trying To Help

I have often slagged Spellcheck over the fact that it doesn’t recognise the words blog, WordPress or Spellcheck (and will now slag it over the fact that it does not recognise the word slagged) but I’m being a bit unfair. When it draws its squiggly red line under words on your post it is not disapprovingly tut-tutting (oh, no way, Spellcheck, everyone days “tut-tutting“), it is in fact offering to help.

Smug-looking, isn't he?

It is a bit like the Microsoft paper-clip who offers to write letters for you. I can in fact write my own letters, most people can, so my reply is always no. If it were to say “it looks like you’re writing a blog, would you like me to think up ideas for you” then we could become friends for life.

All Spellcheck wants you to do is click the little “ABC-tick” box at the top of the screen, where it will offer what it reckons are more legitimate alternatives to the words you have used. The problem is that it underlines so many words that it becomes the grammatical Boy Who Cried Wolf, and you tend to ignore it.

Last week I typed the word “squggly” (in a sentence about Spellcheck and its red lines, in fact), but I took its squeal of red-lined horror as literary snobbery about the word “squiggly” so I made no attempt to check what I’d written and “squggly” is what now appears in the post. It’s actually a nicer word, I may use it all the time from now on.

Anyway, in my surprise at its not recognising the word “slagged” I have looked up its suggested alternatives. One of them is “shagged”.

Perhaps this is why WordPress topic-setters don’t get upset when we say that they deserve a good slagging.

(You can tell I’ve absolutely nothing to write about today, can’t you? The paper-clip is fired).


8 thoughts on “Only Trying To Help

  1. vivinfrance

    Spellcheck is impervious to correction/add-to-dictionary. It’s been months since I started trying to teach it that Wordle is a word, and I don’t look like winning any time soon. Good post, Tinman.

  2. sanstorm

    My iphone’s guesses are terrible. I was discussing festive outfits before and used the word “sequined” which went out as “deathbed”…
    Spellcheck really doesn’t like it when I try to write Scots poetry, either. But maybe that’s fair enough…


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