Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

I was quite scathing about Autumn just a few weeks ago here, bemoaning the fact that I am getting up these days in the dark, but now that it has been set as a photo challenge I have to pretend that I like it, or else give my trusty mobile phone a rest for a week and sit at home and sulk.

And there is no doubt that Autumn can be quite beautiful. There are trees changing colour:

Sometimes a whole road of them:

Blackberries grow…

…and ripen.

(those two pictures were taken two minutes apart, the ones in our back garden are way ahead of the ones in the front).

And of course, there are crop circles:

And that should be the end of the post, but I did not in fact take the picture above, so it’s time to pay tribute to this week’s guest photographer. The field above is on a steep hill coming into Greystones where the bus gathers up considerable speed, so my attempt at taking the photo ended up like this:

As you can see, not only did I not get the bales of hay, I didn’t even get the field. So today I left my mobile at home for the day (that’s no big deal, no-one ever rings it) and this afternoon Mrs Tin headed up to the field. She walked along this path (note fallen autumnal leaves):

Got to this hedge:

Took this picture for some reason:

And ended up with this:

with bales of hay, multi-coloured trees, trees beginning to look bare, in short all of autumn in just one shot.

And she did all of this just so I could use a “crop circles” joke on my blog.

Did Anne Hathaway ever take photos to help Shakespeare with his work? I think not.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

  1. Pseu

    A good and faithful wife is hard to come by these days. Look after her.

    It was worth it though, just to get the ‘crop circles’ joke in… (though technically they are cylinders, you know….)

  2. jmgalso

    Ahh blackberries do you have them growing in your yard, here there have been eradication programs for years as they covered miles of country but I love picking blackberries they ripen in january here and you get lots of leeches on you picking them. They form big arches 10ft high and you’d take wide boards out to throw into the canes and stand on. I dream of having a blackberry farm. Your a


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