Sorry about yesterday, I went on strike.

I get 24 days holidays a year, with a day added each month if I have to work more than eight hours overtime during the first four days in which GoldenEyes and I are expected to produce a whole load of reports. As this happens most months I have the equivalent of over six weeks holidays a year.

Which I find it hard to get my head around. I was self-employed for 19 years and during that time I took a week off at Christmas. I started taking summer holidays only when we started going on family holidays abroad, 12 years into my self-employment (occasionally the reasons for my nervous breakdown become clearer and clearer). Other than that I would take the odd half-day off if a really close relative or friend was getting married or had a baby.

If they did both on the same day I might take the whole day off so that I could stand by with hot water and towels, which as everyone who has watched The Waltons knows is all you need to deliver children.

As we are not going away this year I made no attempt to book any days off. Thus at the start of June I had 29 days holidays left so GoldenEyes printed out a calendar and dragged me into a meeting room. We crossed out all the days at month-beginning and month-end that I just can’t take off, crossed out all the days she was taking off and she looked at what was left. Then for each of the months she just marked days here and there, saying now, you’re taking those days off.

This means that I have today and Monday off, a four-day break which should be a time of bliss, rest and the delicious pleasure of listening to your kids having to get up when you don’t. Yet all week I’ve found it hard to get excited about it, and even yesterday on the bus home I wasn’t especially looking forward to it. Then I suddenly realised why.

I would have to write a post every day, so I wasn’t really on holiday at all.

I love blogging and want to write as often as possible, but hadn’t realised how the much the pressure of having to write something every day because I’d signed up (mentally) for the Postaday 2011 was getting to me. So I decided that I would not turn on my computer last night. I splodged in front of the telly, watched half a football match (well done, Stoke City), a Yankees baseball game that wasn’t even live and the last two episodes of a series that I recorded weeks ago.

The world did not end (actually maybe it did, I haven’t left the house today), WordPress did not send goons around to beat me, nor did they remotely remove the “I’m Part Of Postaday2011” sign from my blog. I am still devoid of ideas for the rest of the weekend but do not care as much.

I will continue to stick to the Post a Day, but only when I feel like it, like a devout Catholic who takes the pill and eats meat on Fridays.

23 thoughts on “Postamostadays

    1. Tinman Post author

      I’ve read about your trip to hospital, Viv and I’m really glad you’re feeling better.

      Take care of yourself


  1. Jo

    God, I’m glad to hear it. Of all things that are stress causers, BLOGGING should never be one of them.

    And are you saying that taking a family holiday once a year was the cause of your nervous breakdown? Well… actually, I can sympathise with that 😉

    1. Tinman Post author

      No, I meant that the fact that it took 12 years before took any summer-time off at all was the cause.

      I do sympathise with your sympathising, though.

  2. Elaine

    Good for you! A day off sounds like a great idea. I marvel at the people who manage to blog every day (and some people even manage it twice a day!) so it’s interesting to hear that sometimes it seems a bit of a chore. Don’t have too many days off though – what will I read?? 🙂

    1. Tinman Post author

      Don’t worry, Elaine, I’m not missing too long. And thanks for that last sentence, it really cheered me up.

  3. Tilly Bud

    I was going to complain about everyone encouraging you to slack off but I know Viv just had an episode and I don’t want to put you in the hospital, so please take all the days you need.


    1. Tinman Post author

      Yep, saw it, and did get the impression that a sizeable number of the New Zealanders in the crowd were on our side.

    1. Tinman Post author

      I have done, thanks, Fi. It’s Monday afternoon and I feel much more relaxed. And you’re right, GoldenEyes is great (and doesn’t like the name much).

  4. Boochen Sundance

    What they said.

    I fell off the postaday2011 wagon pretty quickly myself. I wanted to do it, but there were days I just had nothing… Then those stretched into weeks. Now I post when I want to, when I have something to talk about. I invented new tags like postnowandthen2011 and postonceinawihle2011. I feel pretty good about it all.

  5. Janie Jones

    Good man. It is after all, just a blog. Yet, I totally know how you feel. I hate that I’ve had precious little time to post every day, and even if I did have time, the muse is, well, you’ve read my blog so no need to continue. Any chance your company is hiring? 6 weeks of holidays a year is sounding pretty choice….


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