Family Fun

Today’s post is very brief, because we have been out all day at my mother-in-law’s house.

She held a dinner for my brother-in-law who was 50 this week, the first of Mrs Tin’s family to reach that milestone. He and Mrs Tin’s two sisters were there, along with with their spouses and all of our numerous children.

We ate lots of food, ate even more desserts, walked it all off, watched two programmes (Geneology Roadshow and Nationwide Revisited, programmes that I know most of you have never heard of) on TV and made smart remarks all the way through both of them, slagged the girl doing the weather forecast (apparently we’re getting the tail-end of the US’s Hurricane Katya tomorrow, thanks guys) and made scurrilous and probably libellous remarks about a whole range of famous people both living and dead.

In short we had a great day, a real fun family occasion.


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