I Said It First

I noticed last week that two of my posts had pingbacks on them, and following them brought me to the WorkZine, which has the tag-line “the news by you”. It just seems to be a load of random posts from all over the world. Some work obviously goes into it by somebody, as both of my posts are tagged “office incidents” and one is also tagged “humour central”, neither of which are tags that I’ve ever used. The posts are both by “Admin”, although down at the bottom it does say “from Tin Man”. That is not my name, it’s like calling someone “Step Hen”.

The WorkZine’s Twittering in the right hand column announces that it has received visitors from 123 out of 196 of the world’s officially recognised countries, which makes the fact that neither of my posts have received any comments quite hurtful.

Their use of my posts doesn’t bother me, in .fact I’m fascinated by how they came across them and why they decided to use them, but it did bring home the fact that I make no mention of copyright anywhere on my blog, so people are free to take any of my posts and use them as their own should they suddenly feel the urge to be ignored by 123 countries all at once.

So you will see that I have added a copyright notice at the side of the blog, and here I must make a confession. I had no idea what to write, so I cut-and-pasted the one from Sarsm’s blog.

I’m not sure if you have a copyright on your copyright notice, Sarsm, but if you do I apologise, and at least I am giving you full and clear credit, as your our notice says I should.

Ironically, at the bottom of the WorkZine website it says “Copyright © the WorkZine 2011. All rights reserved.”

I hope I’m not in trouble.


13 thoughts on “I Said It First

  1. viv blake

    I have always had a proviso on my blog. The re-posting thing is weird. WordPress do have some strange customs. I’d never heard of Freshly Pressed until I had a hundred hits in less than an hour!

  2. Janie Jones

    Is that all there is to a copyright is just putting a proviso with your stuff and a little symbol? I suppose you can take it as a bit of flattery that they liked your posts well enough to swipe them.

  3. Inspiration to Dream

    Wow lovin’ the legal stuff – that sounds really scary.

    I have a copyright on my blog but really the people that are unscrupulous enough to steal content probably don’t give a hoot about it. Sad but true.

    We understand why they filched your content – because it’s worth reading 🙂

  4. speccy

    How odd. Not that they would use your work, but how hard is it to spell ‘Tinman’ and link? What are they gaining that you’re missing out on? You get more comments here than any of the posts I saw there, so they want to harness your power!

  5. Tinman Post author

    Since I posted this on Monday and only got to read all the comments now I’m just going to say to you all thank you for commenting, I’ve no real idea how effective my copyright notice actually is, and apparently Tilly wants me to steal stuff from her.

    Work pressure is now over for this month, I can go back to being home early enough each evening to read what you’ve all been up to.

  6. admin

    Sorry Tinman about… I do edit the WorkZine and the post does link to your website . I shall update it and include your name up there instead of “admin .” In case you feel that is not enough , i can remove the posts from the website … and yah … our readers don’t like commenting which i find highly disturbing but then again google analytics dont lie or do they ? 🙂

    1. Tinman Post author


      You don’t have to apologise, as I said I didn’t mind at all, I was more fascinated by how you came across it than anything else. And you do indeed link to my blog, so when I talked about putting in a copyright notice it wasn’t about anything you did, it was about how open I realised I was to what other people might do.

      Don’t bother changing anything, it’s fine. And if I ever write anything again that you feel is worth using go right ahead.

      And thanks for coming here and explaining it all.



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