A Moving Post

This week’s Six Word Saturday is

Work Is Looking A Lot Brighter

This week we moved office. That’s not strictly true, our company is still based where we have been for the past five-and-a-half years, but our continued expansion means that we have taken two floors in another building about a hundred yards away, and my department (all two of us) were among the ones who got to move.

We’ve spent the last five-and-a-half years in the coldest part of our office, with a door to our right, a window behind us and the air-conditioning positioned so that the cold (always cold) air bounced off the wall beside me and into my face.

Polar bears, penquins and icebergs on their way south to attack White Star Liners refused to stop there.

Bob Cratchit, sitting with his half-gloves on, spent one morning working there and rushed sobbing back to Scrooge begging for his old job back.

But now we’ve moved. We even have a little room of our own on the fourth floor, full of warmth, natural light and a really nice plant (well ok, we bought the plant).

There is an outdoor balcony the whole way around our floor and already I have forced myself (I’m afraid of heights) to walk all the way around it, which to be honest was the hardest work I did all week.

And where previously this was our view (if we turned and looked out of the window behind us):

This is it now:

See, even the weather is better in the new office.

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37 thoughts on “A Moving Post

    1. Tinman Post author

      It’s a really lovely room, Viv. Mind you, at the moment we just keep admiring the view and not doing any work…

    1. Tinman Post author

      I have been one comment behind you all the way around the SwS posts this morning.

      What’s a sliver-lining?

  1. Inspiration to Dream

    Snap! We move into our new offices on Monday. The old building is decrepit, falling down, full of termites, cockroaches and every other crawling creature you can think of. When it rained heavily, you had to keep an eye on the roof to ensure you didn’t end up wearing it.

    Glad to be moving into brand new offices – most definitely!!!! Hope you enjoy yours 🙂

  2. Elaine

    A week of mixed blessings – a new office with a better view and the possibility of not having to wear a scarf and hat to keep warm, but on the other hand it is on the fourth floor and heights are not your thing. Hope you enjoy the new office.

    1. Tinman Post author

      The other half of my department is off to New York on holiday today and she has actually left an appointment in my calendar for each of the next two Wednesdays to water the plant. It is now our proudest possession, Brenda.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Thanks Stephanie. Of course, we don’t just spend all day looking at the view (my boss knows I have this blog).

  3. speccy

    We moved to a new office once. The disconcerting thing was that the builders were still finishing, and they had to wear hard hats. We didn’t get hats, we just had to muddle along, working our way round scaffolding, going home to get warm. And we didn’t even get a nice view or a balcony! But we were closer to the shops…

    1. Tinman Post author

      That’s our only problem, Speccy, we are now four floors and 100 yards away from the Spar that used to be outside our back door. Kind of puts you off when you suddenly feel like chocolate in the middle of the afternoon.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Thanks Karen, I’m sure we will (I did reply to this yesterday, don’t know what happened, sorry, it must have made you feel like the only one I didn’t bother with).

    1. Tinman Post author

      Thanks, keep making comments about the raise (as I said to Stephanie, my boss occasionally reads this blog).

  4. Penguin's Palette

    I like the new view! Makes you feel like you are on top of the world eh? haha glad things are brighter for you at your workplace!

  5. Tinman Post author

    Thanks Kate. “Conquering” my fear might be too strong a word. Smacking it and then running away is nearer the truth, but it’s a start.

    1. Tinman Post author

      I will, GM, thanks. I hope the plant grows, it’s one one those ones that can get really big (you can tell that we know a lot about plants, neither of us have a clue what it’s called).

  6. a simple woman

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment on it; wow, I can’t imagine working in your old office with the cold conditions, I’m sure lots of illnesses emerged from working under those conditions! good for you being brave to walk around that outside balcony too; I’m with you, not fond of heights. I hope you enjoy your new surroundings and it helps make the workday go by much smoother. Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Tinman Post author

      It was only our section of the office that always seemed to be that cold, we could never understand it.
      And the boss, who does hill-running and cycling and is super-fit, used to sit near us with just his shirt on (sorry, might need to re-phrase that) and never feel the cold, so he never understood what we were moaning about.


    you really have to back on that balcony!!
    i work surrounded by 8 walls, not 4.
    the 4 of my room, and those of the department…
    it’s a long way for me to find a window and some daylight…
    i also have vertigo,
    but i’ve spent most of my life living up high!!

  8. Tinman Post author

    Wow, I suddenly feel that our office wasn’t so bad after all.
    Still, coming out at the end of the day to find what the weather was like must have given you a surprise each evening.
    I promise I will work on the balcony thing.

  9. Call Me Cate

    That’s great! I spent many years freezing at my last job – I’m far too familiar with those fingerless gloves. I had a lovely view and an office to myself but the a/c was out of control. I hope you’ll be much happier in your new location!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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