Feeling Blue

Recently Tilly Bud, to her great glee, reported that someone had found her website after typing “tinman you’re ugly cartoon have no heart” into Google.

Today someone typed in “people who look like smurfs”. You do have to wonder a bit about the person who typed that. Did he have a particular person in mind? Did he mean to type people who like surfs, hoping to meet fellow wave-riders? Or does he think he looks like a smurf himself, and is hoping to find a soulmate by means of the oddest compatabilty test ever?

Anyway, he found me.

It‘s not good when Google decides that every insulting remark on the internet refers to you.

For research purposes I’ve typed it too, into Google images, and this picture is on the first page (twice, in fact):

Image via Google, via me

And ok, admittedly it is me when I dyed my hair blue for charity, though in that particular post I went to great pains to point out that in fact I did not look like a smurf, I looked like a toilet brush.

As for the rest of the images, the only thing they have in common is how little they look like smurfs.

One of the pictures is of one of the Na’vi from Avatar, presumably simply because he’s blue, and that just seems a bit lazy on Google’s part.

It would be like typing in “people who look like Shrek” and getting a picture of Shrek’s brother.

Or, more likely, me.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. Rose

    Did you realize that we can see the reflection of your face perfectly in the shiny door beside you? No don’t look, I’m just kidding. That would be like my sister-in-law that took the cutest picture of her cat drinking from the bathroom faucet. Too bad she didn’t realize her reflection (nude) was in the bathroom mirror, just as she was showing the picture off at her office! Except much less embarrassing! I do find that people that joke about their looks are usually very good looking. Blue hair and all! I’m Google-ing good looking Irish Man Worth doing Badly …Tinman’s Blog. Oh there you are! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. kateshrewsday

    Google may be many things, but it’s not top-drawer Oxbridge intuitive material. I have an uneasy feeling that these searches, if they were all combined and analysed in a psychological research project, might make uncomfortable reading…


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