Now That Smarts

It’s Saturday, time once again for Six Word Saturday, and this week it’s a struggle.

It’s four o’clock in the afternoon here, so almost half of the day has gone without any inspiration. The Tinkids have all gone out, doing nothing interesting or newsworthy before they left. Mrs Tin dropped and broke a glass, but would not be happy if I broadcast that fact all over the internet, so I won’t.

I’ve done nothing exciting either. “Went To The Shops, Bought Newspaper” is not the kind of story that wins you Best Thriller Writer awards.

I was pretty close to not playing this week, when suddenly I had a stroke of good fortune. I was cutting my nails and nipped my finger with the nail-clippers. So:

Ouch, That Really, Really Did Hurt

Mind you, it’s a sign that blogging is more an addiction than a hobby when you’re actually thrilled to have hurt yourself so you’ve got something to write about.

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13 thoughts on “Now That Smarts

  1. Penguin's Palette

    it does hurt when you cut yourself with a nail clipper! I am always trying to think of things to write about, and spend all week figuring out what my Six Words should be! “luckily” my world has been turned all over the place this week, so although I had no motivation to blog this week, I did have my six words picked out for me!

  2. Ron.

    Less painful, I bet, than sticking your foot into the spinning lawn mower blade like my idiot neighbor did last week, eh? Count your Tinny blessings, I guess. Still, you have my sympathies. Heal quickly.

  3. laughykate

    Next time you have bloggers’ block could you please alert Mrs Tin to this so she can hide the; scissors, car keys, ladders, hammers, every last sharp implement in the house (knitting needles included) and ban you from leaving the house ?


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