Singing, Each to Each

I’ve often wondered why we Irish have our own unique look and complexion.

After all we’ve been invaded by just about every country and race in Europe, yet we do not have the Nordic blondness of the Vikings, the suave sophistication of the Romans, the lilting voice of the Welsh Celts, the black make-up of the Goths, the nerdiness of the Normans (sorry, but Norman is a nerdy name) or the rugged good looks of the English, as represented by John Terry or Boris Johnston.

As I said, it’s a mystery, or at least it was until I read this in the paper this week:

It explains everything – our almost vampire-like aversion to sunshine, the fact that we think Colin Farrell is good-looking and the fact that we can all drink like a fish.

It turns out that we are descended from the aquaphibians from Stingray.



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