Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

It’s nearly a week late now, but this is this week’s picture.

There was only one possible photo. This is the broken object, with it’s red light where the green internet light should be, that has caused me to be a week late in the first place:

I’ve just been informed by Tinson2 (via email!!) that our new modem has arrived, so all is well in the Tinworld again.

Unfortunately they took away the old one. I had planned a follow-up photo of it after it alliteratively had been beaten to bits by a baseball bat.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. vivenne blake

    You know why they took it away? So they could sell it to some other poor unsuspecting innocent.
    But it’s good news at least that the new one’s arrived. Bon courage.

  2. Grannymar

    I think they must remove and dispose of the old/broken modems just so we don’t throw it out the window of a moving bus, car or train. Otherwise every byway or road would become a monument to modems!


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