Coming and Going

A few minutes after I finished yesterday’s post a man arrived from Eircom to see if he could sort out what was wrong once and for all. He moved wires around, put in something called a splitter, climbed bravely into our attic (where be dragons – well, there might be, none of us ever go up there) and got our internet speed up to over twice what it was before. He had a look at our modem and said “I don’t like the way that light is flickering, I think this might not be working properly, I’ll get a new one posted out to you”.

Then he left. Five minutes later the flickering green light he was so worried about turned red, and we lost the internet again.

It works intermittently, which is how I’m here, but I find that I’m typing gently so as not to break my fragile connection to the world.

There will be a post tomorrow, but only because I’ve set up the one I did on Friday to publish tomorrow morning. This means I already know what’s in it, it’s like being able to see the future, though not the useful parts like football scores and lottery numbers.

By Tuesday I will be definitely back, because I’ll be back at work, and if necessary I’ll write stuff there (note to boss who sometimes reads this – that is a joke).



I wrote the above about an hour ago, tried to save it and the internet had gone again. !’m trying again now, but now I feel like I’m trying to smuggle messages out of a prisoner-of-war camp, uncertain that anyone will ever get to read them.

If none of you ever get to read this, let me assure you that it’s the best post ever written.


8 thoughts on “Coming and Going

  1. speccy

    Ah, but seriously Tinman, this has to be the best post ever written …

    I had no internet for about a week (holiday, not mishap) and felt lost. At home, I’d have been climbing the walls!

  2. Grannymar

    If I were you, I would just go to the pub and have fun. Let the interwebbie thing in the box stay home cold and lonely. It might have a change of heart when you come back and work properly!

  3. laughykate

    I think what Grannymar said.

    P.S. We’ve just entered our last month of winter and I’m just wondering if there’s any way I could possibly convince you lot to pack up summer early and send it down here? Thought it was worth asking……

  4. vivenne blake

    Chuckle. I sympathise with your internet problems, and remind you that whether or not you post tomorrow, maybe a new modem thingy will arrive in THE post!

    I love your last line.

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