Questions and Answers

Time again for Six Word Saturday:

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Since a six-word description of most of my Saturdays would be Snoozed In Front Of The TV I sometimes have to borrow from other days. Last night I went to a quiz which was a fund-raiser for a new soccer team which is starting up in Greystones.

There are many oddly-named football teams. Scotland has Partick Thistle, England has Accrington Stanley (sorry, Accrington, Spellcheck doesn’t even believe your town exists, never mind its football team) and Sheffield Wednesday. Then of course there is David Beckham’s current club, LA Galaxy, which when you think about it doesn’t really mean anything.

Let me introduce you to Three Trout Rovers.

In fairness there is a Three Trout Stream which flows through our town, so the founders didn’t just think up the name while on a drinking binge. Anyway, the quiz was great fun and my team finished third. We actually finished joint second, but they had a tie-break question (what is the population of Galway) and the bloke we sent up from our team got it more wrong than the bloke from the other team.

I did apologise to the rest of the team when I got back to our table.

As I said the night was great fun and I wish the club every success.

What? Oh, the six words. It’s the Beatles’ highest selling single. I knew the answer and, judging by the lack of cheering when the answer was read out, I was the only one in the room who did.

Possibly because I was probably the oldest.

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12 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

    1. Tinman Post author

      Glad you liked it, Fi. Yes, I was hoping it’d be funny.

      And knowing the song doesn’t make you old (even my kids like the Beatles), it’s knowing that it was their best-selling single.

  1. Stephanie

    ok, so i’m 35 and i knew that answer! does that make me old!? and…i’ve been to Galway…really! i can’t remember why though! old age! 😛

    1. Tinman Post author

      No, it just makes you clever. Wait until your age is backwards (I’m 53) before you even begin to think of yourself as old (I don’t really think of myself as old – my Dad is 78 and got married again about six years ago – after that I never thought of anyone as old ever again.

  2. Saffron Road

    Not good on a quiz cause my head is faster than my reaction time, but I did enjoy almost being there for your fun!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind comments…

    Goose’ Grandmother

  3. Karen S.

    Oh I hate falling asleep and waking up right at the end…just as much as falling asleep at a midnight showing of some movie your daughter just has to go to!

  4. jmgalso

    we won we won we won le tour yippee Cadel,, so exciting congrats on your achievement too, we love trivia, another ques beatles best selling album?


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