Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

I try if possible to have fun with the Weekly Photo Challenge, but this topic is oddly uninteresting. WordPress themselves went for a picture of some chillis, and that is indeed one direction to head in. I could do a picture of a jar of mustard, for instance, or a pot of horseradish sauce. I could photo a vindaloo curry. Or I could eat one, wait twenty minutes and then try to light my farts.

The first three suggestions are a touch dull, and the last one smacks too much of the type of Christmas party where you photocopy your bum and then fax it to the Cork office (no, of course I’ve never done it, we’ve only had a Cork office since February).

If it was winter I could take a photo of a roaring fire, if we were having a proper summer I could picture kids eating ice-creams on the beach, if we could afford a holiday away I could photograph people sweating in the morning Lanzarote sun, yet still eating a full Irish breakfast and drinking cups of scalding tea.

I could take a picture of Dundrum Shopping Centre, Ireland’s largest ghetto of humdrum retail outlets, on the basis that it’s the closest thing on earth to the infernos of hell.

There is always the “wow, she’s hot” Jessica Biel/Kylie/Yasmin le Bon (yes, she’s still hot) theme, but that involves simply taking a photo of a photo of one of them, unless one of them suddenly calls to the door in the next ten minutes.

Or I could ask Mrs Tin, using the same theme, if I can I photo her, and then photograph the blush on my face at the language that would ensue.

I could in desperation photograph myself in a mankini, but sorry, girls, there are three reasons why that’s not going to happen – (a) I don’t own an mankini; (b) I don’t post pictures of myself on this blog and (c) the topic is “hot”, not “looking like a matchstick man wearing a catapult.”

Anyway, having arrived home this evening, on a bus that obstinately refused to break down with an overheated engine (or indeed to burst into flames altogether, I‘d have happily walked the rest of the way, it would have been totally worth it) I found Mrs Tin cooking dinner. And so this is my photo for this week:

Partly because I’m so amazed that I was able to actually capture the steam arising from the pot, but mostly it’s a picture of mashed potatoes, and you can’t get more Irish than that.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

  1. Tinman Post author

    Thank you ladies, I have to admit I’m quite proud of it – the picture, I mean, not the potato masher.


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