Blog Love

Mairedubhtx has nominated me for the Blog Lovin’ Award, as one of her 15 favourite blogs.

I’ve never won an award for my blog before, and I really am thrilled. Thank you, Maire.

As there is no such thing as a free lunch, I have some tasks to perform.

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Please see above.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself:

Please see below.

  1. In a spoof list of facts about myself here recently I said that my middle name was Millicent. This of course is not true. What is true is that I actually have two middle names, one of which is Maria.
  2. A single hair grows at the top of my left ear, just where it joins my head. All three of my children have a tiny hole in exactly the same place, so can look forward to a tufty adulthood.
  3. I have twice almost drowned, both times through sheer stupidity.
  4. When I was about six I played the third Wise King in the school nativity play, purely because this was London and the teacher loved the way I said “I bring you Myrhh” in an Irish accent.
  5. I have read two books that were over 1000 pages long. One, in common with many other people, was the Lord of the Rings. The other one was Gone With the Wind (I have no idea where I got it from), and let me tell you the film did not do it justice.
  6. I am, as far as I know, the only person on the planet who hates apple tart/pie/strudel/whatever.
  7. I think that “Puff the Magic Dragon” is the saddest love song ever written.
3. Pass the award along to 15 blogmates whose blog you love to read. Please again, in alphabetical order, see below. Some are old friends, some I haven’t known as long, some may not even know I read them.
4. Contact those bloggers to congratulate them.
Doing that now.

19 thoughts on “Blog Love

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  2. Jo

    All right, I’ll do it, even though this is a meme disguised as a blog award!!

    I agree about Puff the Magic Dragon (sob) but why the hell did you buy my apple crumble at the school Christmas fair if you hate all things apple!! Gah! Now I feel bad.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Yes, and nearly all the people who comment here are ladies. Don’t know why that is, most of them have never seen me so don’t even know that I’m a stud-muffin…

  3. Janie's Place

    Wow! So cool! I’ve never won an award for my blog before either.

    Oh, no! The pressure is on. I don’t think I have ever read 15 other blogs to nominate.

    Woah, you don’t like apple pie! That’s un-American. Oh, wait, in your case I guess that’s thoroughly appropriate.

    1. Tinman Post author

      I’m noticing the apple part is attracting the most attention – I seem to be getting away with the Maria bit….

  4. Tinman Post author

    You mean our friendship has survived the United/City divide but you scorn me just because of apples?

  5. speccy

    Thank you Tinman, I feel like waving the laptop around while I weep picturesquely. Maybe I need a fancy frock and heels? Also I’m not sure there are 7 random facts about me that I haven’t already announced….
    I’m all chuffed 🙂

  6. Grannymar

    Maria! Were you delivered by Dr de Valera, by any chance? He insisted that all the boys he delivered had Mary in their name. My four brothers and my sister have Mary as a middle name. I suppose my father’s choice for me was French for Mary.

    Thanks for the honour. I may have to do a spoof list sine everyone else knows more about me than I do myself!

  7. Boochen Sundance

    well, shucks. Thanks Tinman. Now, of course, I have to a) start thinking of some random facts and b) start posting more to accommodate the flood of new readers you’re sending my way 😉

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