The Right To Bear Arms

Yesterday WordPress came up with what Tilly Bud rightly described as their most ridiculous topic suggestion yet, If you had a third arm, where would you put it?

Tilly gave it a go, during the course of which she stole  jointly came up with the only idea I had, which was to have it somewhere where you could scratch those parts of your back that you can never reach.

Anyway, I gave up on the topic and wrote about other things. Then last night, since I am on holiday at the moment and Mrs Tin was out with her sister, I went down to the pub for a drink, buying a paper first in the shop next door.

And there on the front page, to my astonishment, was this picture:

So that’s where I’d put my third arm, beside my left one.

If it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for me.


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