Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

I didn’t get around to doing last week’s Photo Challenge, so today you are getting two.  Last week’s was Sky, and again, WordPress set the bar pretty high by showing us this:

My photo will not feature a formation fly-by, mainly because we don’t have an air-force. I believe that if we are ever attacked from the skies the plan is to fight them off with magpies.

But that’s not the only reason. the fact is that if we did have the Red Arrows or someone like that fly over our house I would have to try and take a picture of the sound, since I certainly wouldn’t get to actually see them.

Because this is a photo of a typical Irish July sky:

And this is a picture of the mirror in our bathroom after I’ve had a shower:

Not a lot of difference, is there?

Now, I can hear a lot of you tiptoeing backwards away from my blog, a bit creeped out by the fact that I brought a camera into the bathroom while I was having a shower. In my defence the whole idea wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t, or as actresses say, it was essential to the plot.

For those of you still here the story gets slightly worse. The above is the third photo I took, since in the first two I realised that my reflection was just vaguely visible through the murk, like a naked Jacob Marley.

If the Weekly Photo Challenge topic is ever “Yuck” then I have my pictures already taken.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

  1. speccy

    Camera? Have you upped your game without telling us? What happened to the man of the people I’ll just keep on using my phone? Are we going to have to start taking this thing seriously?

    Tilly, time for you to use your WP influence to get a topic called ‘Yuck’


    1. Tinman Post author

      No, it is still my trusty mobile, though I’ve started to think of it as my camera now. I left it at work last weekend and was disgusted, not because nobody could ring me, but because I couldn’t take pictures if the chance came along.


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