Boys Will Be Boys

Sidey’s weekend theme for this weekend is “Childhood”.


On the bus home he sat, as he always did, in the front seat upstairs, because that was the most fun place. He sat there in his little hoodie and his short trousers, with his bag full of books on the seat beside him.

The bus reached his stop and he ran clompingly down the stairs, grabbed the pole beside the door in one hand and swung himself out on to the path. He walked home with his bag slung over one shoulder and his hands dug deep into his pockets. On the way he reached a low wall beside a car park and as always he jumped up onto the wall and walked along it, jumping the gap where people could walk in half way along it.

He got home and dropped his bag on the floor right in the middle of the hallway. The oldest teenager let out a big burp and immediately he replied with a louder one. Mum’s head appeared around the kitchen door and told them to stop. He sank his chin on to his chest as if he was sorry, but she knew he wasn’t really.

In the sitting room, to his amazement, there was a giant dragon. Their school used it each year to celebrate Chinese New Year. The biggest child in First Class would wear the head, the rest of the class would get under it behind him and they would parade around the playground. They had used it that day and were lending it to a new school to use the following day, and Mum had taken it to deliver it to them. As soon as he saw it he knew he just had to put it on, although he knew he really shouldn’t. He lifted it (it was surprisingly heavy), put it onto his head and got his daughter to take this picture:

(Hang on. His daughter?)

He was 53 years old, his name was Tinman, and he knew that adulthood meant not being afraid to act like a child sometimes.

And the short trousers? Simple. I have short legs.

10 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

    1. Tinman Post author

      Well I was last home that day and asked all three of my teenagers had they tried it on and none of them had.
      I love the fact that I’m the most childish in my family.

  1. Jo

    That’s sweet 🙂

    I was scared reading this at first, because I hate those Irish stories of boyhood woe so much, they manipulate my emotions horribly, from Joyce to all those confession type stories to Angela’s Ashes. But this was convincing then lovely!

  2. Grannymar

    Next you will be


    Singing in the rain as you dance off the wall!

    I loved the head, you old dragon, you!

  3. Jim

    Hey Mr. Tinman ~~ I would’nt touch that thing with a ten-foot pole! 🙄 🙂
    Sorry I’m late returning your comment. Just ‘busy’.
    Oh yes, I like your short pants/short legs item. 🙂

    1. Tinman Post author

      It’s about thirty feet long, Mike, I’d have needed all the neighbours to join in.
      Plus Chinese New Year is in February, it was freezing outside.


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