Peas in a Pod

Sometimes I like to tell stories about myself in which I do not emerge looking like a total gobshite.

Today will not be one of those stories.

It is said that everyone has a double somewhere in the world, and tonight my brother’s walked into my local.

He was astonishingly like him, so much so that I said to the people I was with “oh, there’s my brother – oh, no actually, it isn’t him.”

And then, because he was so like him, I unthinkingly said “but I bet it’s his brother.”

I only have one brother, so you can figure out what I had effectively said.

And, unfortunately, so could my pubmates.


4 thoughts on “Peas in a Pod

  1. Grannymar

    That is so funny. My brothers sounded very alike on the phone, they made great use of this fact by playing tricks on each others new girlfriends


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