Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

This week’s task is a real challenge if you like to try to be a bit different.

WordPress show this picture as an example, lest there are people out here who do not know what the word means. Not only is that just a tad insulting, it also means they’ve taken pretty well the first idea that will have jumped into most heads and kept it for themselves.

It would be like me setting a “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tinman”, posting a picture of me and saying “here, beat that.”

But I have come up with this idea:

It’s a picture of this post, taken just before I put in this picture of this post.

Look at it carefully, or ignore it and look at the post instead.

You will notice that I have not inserted brackets into a single sentence.

“Ah,” I hear you say, “now that is refreshing.”


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

  1. vida

    I’m torn between disappointment you didn’t make the mojitos yourself after that cocktail class, and relief that I don’t have to be resentful that you didn’t invite me to your cocktail party 🙂

    I make great frozen strawberry daquiris. Just saying.


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