Playing the Record

Even by my modest standards the photograph below is not great:

But in a pub at ten to eight in the morning, taken on a mobile phone with no flash that I can find, it’s not too bad an effort.

“Hang on a sec,” I hear you think. “In a pub at ten to eight in the morning, Tinman? You’re basically one stage away from drinking out of a can in a paper-bag up an alley somewhere.”

Let me explain.

As part of Dublin Street World Championships Week a guitarist called Dave Browne announced that he was going to break the Guinness World Record by playing the guitar for one hundred hours. He played in the Temple Bar pub in the city centre and as you passed, at whatever hour of the day or night, there were bar staff standing outside with a coffee machine offering you free coffee if you would just go in and watch him for a couple of songs, and applaud him at the end of each one to keep him going.

That’s him on the right of the picture (yes, the one standing up, I think that helped him stay awake). This picture was taken yesterday morning, and unfortunately the light on the wall above the middle guy was just too bright in the darkness of the pub.

Because it’s a running clock, and in the picture it says 87 hours, 57 minutes and 2 seconds.

This means he should have reached his target at about eight last night, and as I got off the bus this morning I was thinking about him, wondering how he had got on.

But as I got around the corner near the Temple Bar I could hear music again, and there were still people outside handing out coffee.

I peeked inside. He was still playing, and the clock now read 112.02.02.

Apparently it had been discovered that the world record is actually 113 hours, so he just kept going. He eventually stopped at 10.20, having played for 1,372 pieces of music over 114 hours and 20 minutes. He’s doing it to raise money for Focus Ireland, a charity that helps the homeless.

I’m glad I was there, even for just a few minutes. I hope he raises a lot of money, I hope he gets a lot of praise, I hope he has a terrific life.

I hope he gets to sleep until Tuesday.

This is what he really looks like (image thanks to Goldenplec)


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