Lowering the Tone

In order to get the “kind, witty, sweet, pretty” part of yesterday’s post right I had to look up the words of the Jane and Michael Banks song from Mary Poppins, so I went to one of those websites that print song lyrics.

This one was called ST Lyrics, and once I got there I learned two things: one, that I was their one millionth visitor this week, and was entitled to some prize or other (I must be the luckiest web-surfer alive, you have no idea how often that happens to me), and two, that the song is actually called ‘The Perfect Nanny’.

After a couple of seconds a message appeared. In bright red letters it offered to:

“Send ‘The Perfect Nanny’ Ringtone to Your Cell”.

Think about that for a few seconds.

Imagine waking up and finding out that that dream about you being on a busy street naked is actually happening. Imagine being the love slave of Russell Brand (or just having to spend 20 minutes in a lift with him). Imagine a “Charlie’s Angels 3”. Imagine dislocating your shoulder and then having to take part in a kayak race.

Now imagine having The Perfect Nanny as your ringtone.

I’d love to ring ST Lyrics (wonder what their ringtone is?) and ask them has anyone, ever, bought it.

Even though they get a million visitors a week, I bet the answer is no.


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