Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

This week’s photo challenge is numbers.

I could have shown this:

and pointed out how I write a seven differently if it’s at the start of a number than if appears further into it, meaning that I have upper- and lower-case sevens. But I’ve shown this photo and written about this before (bet you’re sorry you missed that post, new visitors) and while showing repeats all summer might be good enough for the BBC, this blog is better than that.

I could have written about the number 5,318,008, every schoolboy’s favourite number because if you turn it upside down you get this:

but that is just smutty juvenile humour, and this blog is better than that.

So I’m showing this picture here:

It’s the state of play of the cricket test match between England and Sri Lanka, and I know what every number on that screen means, right down to the asterisks beside the 31 and the 15.

There are two types of people in the world – those who think cricket is boring, and those who think cricket is boring. However, it is equally true to say that there are two types of voters in the US, Republican and Democrat, yet there is a third tiny group, usually called something like the Rossperots, who nobody ever mentions. It is the same with cricket, there is a tiny underground group of us who think that it is fascinating.

And great fun to play, and not nearly as cissyish and la-di-da as people like to think. I played football for about 20 years. In that time I broke my thumb and sprained my right ankle so badly that it still swells up after I run (I do, sometimes). I played cricket for ten years and broke two fingers and the same thumb again, lost the nail off one toe and was hit on the head so many times that I’ve lost count (actually, those last two facts might be related).

Though people I know played it until well into their sixties I’ve given it up, because no matter how often I’ve been hit on the head I still have enough brains left to know that having my pacemaker hit by a rock-hard ball travelling at 70 miles per hour would probably not be good for it, or for me. I still watch it avidly, though, which is the reason for this week’s picture.

Oh, and I took a couple of photos, just to get one I was happy with. Just have a look at this:

You’ll notice that it doesn’t say “pause” anywhere on the screen. In other words I’ve taken a picture with people actually moving in it. Admittedly they are cricketers and not therefore travelling at the speed of light, it’s not a live photo of a lion bringing down a gazelle, but considering that two weeks ago I couldn’t even take a picture of a squirrel you have to admit that it’s a step forward.

Next weekend, when the Formula 1 is on TV, I’m going to try to take a picture of a Ferrari.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

  1. mairedubhtx

    You’ve filled me in a lot about cricket which, being American, I don’t understand at all. One correction about Americans. There are Republicans and Democrats, then the rest of us are Independent, which basically means confused and disheartened.

  2. Patti

    I remember reading a Paddington Bear story that was full of details of a cricket match and it was pretty mystifying. It always looks cool though and the terminology sounds very impressive when you have no idea what it means.


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