Muscled Out

I turned on my computer at 19.28 this evening to write today’s post. Just as I was starting a pop-up informed me that there were Windows updates available and, like an idiot, I clicked “install”.

It’s now 22.27 and time for me to start going to bed.

I know that you can work while updates are being installed, but they take up so much of the computer’s power that it’s just not worth it, you type words and there’s a two second delay before they appear on the screen, just half-a-second after you’ve decided they’re not going to appear at all and have typed them again.

It’s like being forced off the swings in the playground by the school bully, and having to play with that crap horse thing on the spring that rocks about two inches forward and backwards.

The good news is that Windows7 Service Pack 1 is now installed.

The bad news is that I have no idea what that means.





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