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Psotaday 20whatever

As I have said before I bring my netbook with me to work each day and write on both the way in and the way home on the bus.

This evening, in a few minutes actually, some of the company are taking part in a cocktail masterclass in the restaurant below our office. You pay 30 euro (our company’s paying half, bless them), you learn to make coktails and you get finger food and two free cocktails.

This might be very civilized, or might get very messy. We might decide that what would finish off the evening nicely would be another cocktail, with a cocktail to wash it all down and a cocktail after that as a nightcap.

So I was reluctant to bring the netbook today, since I reckoned I probably wouldn’t using it for the journey home. But I’d have had nothing to do on the way in so I brought it anyway.

And now I’ve decided that I will write something on the way home, and am pledging to post it in the morning without correcting or amending it in any way.

It might be legible, if things have gone quietly.

Or I might get investigated by the CIA, in the belief that I am writing in code.

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  1. May 29, 2011 at 12:23 am

    I think you are safe, I was almost suffocated by the fumes wafting out of the post so I walked backwards and ended up here. Hic.

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