Over and Over Again

WordPress asks What film have I seen more than any other.

What do you reckon? The Lord of the Rings? The Great Escape? Citizen Kane? One of those black-and-white indecipherable yokes where nothing happens for hours, the screen suddenly goes black and the word “fin” appears?

You forget that I am a parent.

I have seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarves about 150 times. As a baby Tinson1 loved it and all weekend every weekend we watched it together.

They say that you can have too much of a good thing, and in this case they are not wrong.

It‘s a film that does for feminism what Sex and the City does for, well, feminism. The heroine is gushing and simpering, she falls in love with the first bloke she ever sees, moves in with seven men she knows nothing about and, although those men beg her to let no-one into the house while they hi-ho off to work (they owned a diamond mine, by the way, surely they could have afforded to take even one day off to protect her), she ushers in the first woman to turn up wearing a face full of fake warts. She accepts an apple from this woman, fully believing that she is an apple-seller making a living in a forest entirely bereft of humans.

When she bites the poisoned apple and falls to the floor, you have to be a true saint not to think “well let’s face it, you asked for that”.

The queen then hardly advances the argument for feminine intellect by running from the dwarves to the very top of a cliff. In fairness to her, though, she is merely following the gene built into people throughout movie history, the one which makes them flee upwards until they are trapped. James Cagney in White Heat, Alan Rickman in Die Hard, the bad guy in the Enforcer (can‘t remember his name), King Kong in King Kong, all take flight upwards to a height from which the only means of escape is flight. Or falling, the option they invariably go for, which is quicker though less successful.

I may seem a bit callous in pouring scathe upon one of the most beloved films of all time, but you have to remember that I saw it about four times a day for many months.

Walt Disney only saw it once and had himself cryogenically frozen rather than have to watch it again.


6 thoughts on “Over and Over Again

  1. Mwa (Lost in Translation)

    I had to watch that the other day, and it truly is awful for the messages it sends to children. It may get pushed to the back of the shelf over here.

    On the other hand, Mamma Mia of course is the greatest educational tool ever. We have watched them all ponder the paternity question about a thousand times now.

  2. jmg

    Definitely Clueless eldest can recite almost all of it. Funny funny movie still stands up to watching again every Christmas.


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