Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Tiny is an interesting topic. Really tiny involves atoms, or microbes, or germs, all of which are beyond the scope of most cameras, let alone my mobile (I am now determined to continue this task for the rest of the year without using a proper camera). I did have the idea of persuading one of the Tinkids to sneeze (the persuading may have had to involve the sudden application of pepper), and trying to film the tiny droplets of the sneeze, but a person unable to capture a photo of a bird in flight is probably unable to catch the contents of a sneeze, except in an unplanned and yucky way. Perhaps I should film the side of my head and talk about the size of my brain.

Less tiny involves dust, or woodlice, or those really small spiders, none of which are ever found in the Tinhouse.

So I’ve taken this photo of this older photo, taken on the 2nd or 3rd of December, 1996:

It is the moment at which Tinson2 first met Tingirl. We had brought her home from hospital just a couple of hours earlier in the basket in which so little of her head is visible and I had just collected him (and his toy Power Ranger) from my sister-in-law’s, which is why he is wearing the huge coat, the red face and the matted hair.

Virtually every picture that we have of Tinson2 as a toddler shows him as gleefully happy, and indeed he mostly was. But he did have one brief difficult phase (i.e., we were afraid of him) and this was that time, so we were a bit worried as to how he would react to having this new baby in the house.

Look at his happy little face. As they grew together in childhood, just 19 months apart, they were the closest pair of kids I’ve ever known, and while teenagership has cooled their apparent attitude to each other they still head off to school each morning chatting away, at least until they each meet their friends and then ignore each other for the rest of the day.

As babies they were not especially tiny. Tingirl was 7 pounds 8 ounces (about 3.4 kilos, says Google) and Tinson2 (two weeks late, which explains so much about how hard it is to get him up in the morning) was 10 pounds (4.55 kilos, which still makes women blanch when we tell them). There are lots of tinier things I could have shown.

But I am using the word in the time sense. This photo shows one tiny split second out of the millions of seconds the two of them have lived so far, yet it is a tiny slice of time we will never forget, and tells you so much about their life together.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

  1. Grannymar

    Excuse me while I wipe the dust from my eye.. sniff, sniff! No! I am not crying…. well at my age it is allowed. 😉

    Adorable second in time.

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