A Load of Tat

WordPress asks If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

A big mistake, Mrs Tin would kill me.

If I was getting one, though, it would have to be the Tinman (though I’ve just typed “Tinman tattoos” into Google Images, believe me they aren’t great).

Where would I put it, though?

My chest is a mess of scars and a visible pacemaker, my puny biceps (this week’s Photo Challenge is “Tiny”, I might take a picture of them) probably aren’t wide enough to fit a tattoo onto, and I’m not showing my bum to any man for any reason.

Guess I’ll have to forget about it.


4 thoughts on “A Load of Tat

  1. Boochen Sundance

    Never wanted to get a tattoo and still don’t. But I’ve always joked that I’d get one on my forehead that reads “What are you looking at?”

    Also, why not get one on your ankle? Too girly?

  2. speccy

    Well spotted Jo!

    Spurs Fan and his mate, theotherone, did seriously consider getting Spurs tattoos once. Then they remembered they were middle aged (so, not as long ago as sense would have you think) and sad and everyone would laugh at them…

  3. Grannymar

    I’m old fashioned. I find tattoos great big turn off! Recently two tattoo artists have set up shops in our town, so someone must like them.


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