Didn’t See That Coming

WordPress asks Describe the last time you were truly surprised. 

I wasn’t going to bother, it’s too hard to decide what they mean. I was surprised yesterday when Tinson2 and our German student Florian’s picture appeared in our local paper (no, at one of the school trips, it’s not like they’d been arrested or anything). I was surprised last week when Azerbaijan won the Eurovision Song Contest (I was surprised just now that my very first attempt at spelling Azerbaijan seems to have been correct).

I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and absolutely thrilled, at how delighted everyone here is about the Queen’s visit (she’s been here for four days now and this is the first time I’ve mentioned it, you can’t say this is a cutting-edge news blog) and at how happy she looks at being here.

I was surprised last night, watching the concert given for her on the TV, at how the first few bars of the Riverdance music still cause the hairs to rise on the back of my neck.

But none of these are all that interesting, so I was looking for something else to write about, and looked up what were the top searches that brought people here this week.

And that, just five minutes ago, is the last time that I was truly surprised.

One search was “why men smack women’s bums”.

I’ve never done it, never written about it, never thought it’s a good idea. I have, rather bravely, Googled it myself and have read through three pages of truly startling post titles (believe me, don’t do it) and did not find any post of mine, so God knows how many pages the person went through before he got to click here.

And all for nothing. Because if he’s asking me the question, wants me to enlighten him as to why men do it, then all I can say is “I don’t know.”





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