Open Sesame

I came to work this morning just a teeny bit worried.

I’ve written before about our password regime, and about how your log-in password has to change every 42 days, must have some capitals, some lower-case, some numbers, etc., and mustn’t be similar to any of your ten previous passwords (At the time I wrote that I’d changed mine to Jomwalaughyk8#, and I do still use this for one program).

My password expired last Friday, so I picked a new one. This was rejected as too similar to a previous one by the system which, having a larger memory than I have, can remember everything I’ve done in the last 420 days. My second attempt was rejected for similar reasons, so I irritatedly picked a third.

And this morning I couldn’t remember it. No big deal, you might think, but what I could remember was that it revealed plainly what I thought of the whole thing. In other words it was “Wasteoftime1”, or “Timewaste1”, or “Loadofcrap1”, “Givemeabreak1” or something like that (by typing all those suggestions here I have just forgotten it again). I would be allowed three attempts to get it right before I would be locked out of everything.

What I’d have to do then is go crawling to Operations Control (where do we get these names, you’d think I work on the Enterprise) and get them to tell me it. They would text the answer to my mobile, even though I’d be standing right in front of them.

I would not then have to eat my mobile, but only because they haven’t thought of that yet. I hope none of them read this.

Thankfully I got it right, because if they looked up what it was and found that it poured scorn on the security protocols that they are so proud of then it’s unlikely that I’d receive priority treatment next time I need them.

I’ll probably just get an email saying “try turning it off and then turning it back on again.”


4 thoughts on “Open Sesame

  1. Boochen Sundance

    I have a log-in name/password for our company’s online employee site. I have to reset my password every time I access the site. Not for security. Because I can’t remember what I used the last time I had to change it because I couldn’t remember what I used the time before.

    “At least 8 characters, including one capital letter, three lower case letters, one or two numbers, at least two symbols (but not > or %) and must be a word you can pronounce in three languages.”

    Who comes up with these rules?

  2. Grannymar

    Those pass word thingy things are awful. It is nearly as bad as security questions… What is your mother’s maiden name? Are they daft? I never use it, far to simple since it is the same as my own maiden name. I use one from my in-laws side of the family and nobody in Ireland can guess that one. 😀

  3. mairedubhtx

    My office had this type of system and we had to change it every 31 days. It didn’t look for similarities, though so I always put my initials, the month and year. That worked well for me.


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