Number Nine

Ireland are in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final tonight. We are the last act on and are being represented by Jedward, who became famous last year for getting quite a long way on the X-Factor, despite the fact that they were lambasted as talentless every week by Simon Cowell, and the fact that they dance with all the control of puppets with their strings caught in a ceiling fan.

You can’t help but like them, though, they are two 19-year old identical twins with ice-cream cone hairstyles and a boundless enthusiasm for absolutely everything. They are like puppies with ADHD who have been fed coffee and Pepsi and then let loose in one of those tubs full of balls that you find in play centres.

This time last year I wrote this post about how Tingirl and I were watching the Eurovision Song Contest together and about how we decided to vote for Song 9 before it even came on, and without knowing what country it would be.

As this is now an established family tradition (we did it in the semi-final and the final, sounds like a tradition to me) we will be doing it again this evening, the very second that the voting opens (there will be a short update later tonight where I will let you know who we got and just how shite the song was). If you actually happen to be watching (and I know a lot more people do than let on) then think of us when Song 9 is playing.

We will be doing it again for the Final on Saturday. I believe that it’s small madcap acts like this that build childhood memories.


(Ok, Jedward are in. However, Song 9 was Cyprus, and since I’ve no Cypriot readers that I’m aware of I can say it wasn’t great. Five guys who dressed like the Jets from West Side Story did impressions of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, while down on a totally different stage a large Valkyrie woman shrieked like a banshee while swinging a shot-put around her head. They didn’t qualify, but who cares).


5 thoughts on “Number Nine

  1. Patti

    Absolutely true! I’ll vote for number 9 even though I will have no idea what it is.

    Our family doesn’t watch the music competition shows on TV, but we do watch a few reality-style programs and they are great bonding experiences.

  2. Mwa (Lost in Translation)

    I like Jedward too. Maybe this is because I’ve only ever seen them on TV twice, but they are so cute and puppyish. I love that you’re always so much on the side of the young and foolish. That is a great thing about you.


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