Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Each Friday WordPress offer a weekly photo challenge, which I ignored for the first couple of months due to sheer lack of competence. But lately I’ve been having a go each week with my trusty mobile phone, if only to make all other entrants feel better about themselves. I’m finding to my surprise that I quite look forward to it.

This week’s challenge was “Wildlife”, and they published this picture, perhaps as an illustration of what they mean, perhaps as encouragement, perhaps simply to show off.

You would not believe the number of consecutive days that you can spend in Greystones, Ireland without a giraffe strolling by. Panthers, penguins, pelicans, polar bears, porcupines and platypusses (do you reckon that’s the correct plural?) are also alliteratively absent, or just really good at hiding.

In addition, St Patrick famously rid us of all the snakes, for which I have always been grateful. Up to now.

This leaves us with cats, dogs or goldfish, or to use the collective term, “pets”. I don’t think pets qualify as wild, and besides, the last thing the internet needs is more pictures of cats.

He's there somewhere

Previous subjects, such as “Light” and “Round” have remained still. The thing about wildlife is that it moves, which is a problem for a photographer of my talent. In evidence I offer this picture from a park on Staten Island, taken during our trip last August. The brown blob in front of the red-brick wall is a squirrel, which was in full view in the centre of the grass when I originally focused upon him.

Like This

I have had similar problems all week with birds. I do know that flight is what birds are most well-known for, but they could at least pose for a couple of seconds first, like a cartoon character about to run.

I’m told humming-birds hover, but so do UFOs, and I’ve as much chance of seeing one as the other.

In desperation I’m showing this picture of our bird-feeder, as a place where wildlife sometimes occurs.

Not terribly exciting, but it was either that or roadkill.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

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  2. Boochen Sundance

    Somewhere I have a similar picture of that giraffe, or maybe it’s video. Sydney Zoo. The giraffe’s area gives a nice shot of Sydney Harbor and the Opera House, as you can see in the photo 🙂


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