Keeping Track

I’ve read about the controversy that has arisen because it’s claimed that Apple can track where you are via your iPhone.

I have to say that if it stops people yelling “I’m on the train” into their phones then I’m in favour of it.

But the reason I mention it here is because of something that happened today. I was at work when I suddenly felt a severe jolt for a second or two. Obviously something had gone briefly wrong with my heartbeat and my pacemaker had switched on to correct it. It took me quite by surprise since it’s a long time since it’s happened (the last time I got it checked I was told that it hadn’t had to turn on at all during the previous six months) and I was a bit shaken by the whole affair. It soon passed though, and I felt fine again.

I’d pretty well forgotten it by the time I got home, where I had received a letter. This letter:

It’s making an appointment for me to have my pacemaker checked.

Coincidence? It seems that anything Apple can do, St Vincent’s Hospital can do too.

7 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. jmg

    Apple said they can but they dont because they havent got the equipment. Who cares anyway it took them 10 years to track Bin Ladin so the rest of us have a bit of a head start!
    Sounds like you had a reason its there moment. I am trying to get over it by being less self important but its hard the human condition sadly. Stupidity!

  2. nrhatch

    Maybe you got “zapped” because “the Universe” wanted you to pay attention to that letter?

    Pay attention to that letter. 😀


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