Or You Could Go To The Pub

In the English soccer league, Queens Park Rangers have just won the second division, and will spend next season in the Premier League, playing against world famous clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool (ok, Tilly and Speccy, also Manchester City and Spurs. Oh, and Wigan, Jmg).

Their manager, Neil Warnock, was quite laid back about the whole thing. When asked how he celebrated, he said “with a cheese sandwich in my pyjamas”.

Of course I know what he meant, but he has created an image in my head that I just can’t get rid of.


6 thoughts on “Or You Could Go To The Pub

  1. jmg

    I dont like Wigans chances but my original team Norwich is coming back up so all good because we like Delia Smith and her great cook books. Trivia, she made the cake on the Beggars Banquet Rolling Stones album, a rock and roll cook. And i think Neals got the right idea wonder that all the managers arnt in hospital by the end of the season. Good season really.We are watching Stoke v Arsenal. cheers

  2. Tinman Post author

    To be honest, jmg, I don’t fancy Wigan’s chances of staying up either but didn’t want to say. I never knew that about Delia making the Beggars Banquet cake, I like her too and hope Norwich do well.
    I’m watching Stoke v Arsenal at the moment too, what time is it down there?

  3. jmg

    It was about 10.30pm I think . Poor husband Arsenal is his southern team and Liverpool his north, not such a great season but at least Liverpool not going down, things would have been v gloomy. I am a bit of bad football fan as if a team has an Aussie in it I back them on the day I love any team Harry Rednap coaches. If anyone acts nasty I back the other team. Ah now Fulham v Liverpool 1 to 3.


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