Welcome Mat

Whatever you do, do not think of a dragon wearing a red-and-gold ball gown, juggling sticks of dynamite and whistling “Country Roads, Take Me Home“.

Sorry about that, and hopefully the image will fade in time. Because you did all think of it, didn’t you, once you were told not to.

Unfortunately that also works in reverse. I have spent the entire day telling my brain “whatever you do, think of something funny”. My brain has reacted to this by emptying itself completely of ideas (perhaps that‘s what a brain drain really is), and my head now makes a hollow echoey sound if you tap the side of it.

You see, Tilly Bud wrote a post this morning entitled “Have You Met My Friend TheTinman” which said lots of very kind things about me, linked to my blog and urged her readership to come along and have a look (I’d link to her post to show you what I mean, but I’m not sure what happens if you link to a post that’s linked to yours, the internet might implode or I might create the effect that you get if you stand between two mirrors, a small bubble of infinity).

Georgie Thompson - this is an example of the kind of picture I'm not going to show

Now, since Tilly has a readership the size of South Dakota that’s a lot of people who might be stopping by today, so it’s important that I make a good first impression. Therefore the words “poo”, “wee” or “bum” will not appear today (listing them there as examples doesn‘t count), I will resist the urge to show a gratuitous picture of some georgeous girl or other, and I will refrain from my usual habit of making up words (recent examples have included “attorns”, “stressence” and “the slogosphere“, my term for the real world) and try to use a proper vocabulary instead (what? I bet echoey is a word).

I will not insert comments in brackets into most sentences.

In short I hope to make a good enough impression that some of you will come back.

If only I can think of something funny.


PS I have loads of comments, and will respond tomorrow, I promise. Thank you all for visiting.


5 thoughts on “Welcome Mat

  1. speccy

    oh, the pressure! I do like what you’re not going to do- should I know that pretty woman?

    Dear new readers, Tinman is funny and thoughtful and a damned good writer. Stick around for more

  2. Tinman Post author

    She’s from Sky Sports, Speccy, and she’s a panellist on the quiz show a League of Their Own.
    She’s also famous for being the girlfriend of Ant from Ant and Dec, and for being really, really tiny.
    She interviewed Usain Bolt a couple of weeks ago and as they walked along the beach talking she came up to his nipples.
    They the camera panned back and you could see that she was wearing really high heels.

    I didn’t know you lived out in country, Grannymar, it sounds lovely.

    And Tilly, thanks again.


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