Window Cleaning

Yesterday’s post about CSI was written, and then re-written. It might not have looked like that, but it was.

I was on the bus typing away merrily (well, as merrily as you can when you’ve found out that your drugs don’t work) when the screen suddenly went blank. Then a message appeared saying “Windows is Configuring your updates”, or some crap like that, and gave me a running commentary on what percentage it had completed, as if it were a child waiting for praise on how much wee it was pouring into its potty.

And then, in the best tradition of clueless support staff all over the world, Windows turned my computer off and then back on again.

My post was gone.

When the machine restarted Windows proudly announced yet again that it was configuring my machine (“look, mummy, now I’m doing number 2’s”) and finally condescended to let me back in, to start my post all over again.

After a couple of minutes a message appeared saying “Windows has re-booted you computer to allow upgrades. Would you like to view these upgrades now?”

This was like saying “Windows has just set fire to yourt homework. Would you like to see the lighter we did it with?”

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