Where I Lay My Hat

Me, but invisible

I’ve a post written for tomorrow which took most of today to write, so I was really stuck for this evening. I decided I’d follow WordPress’s prompt no matter how what it was. Since recent suggestions have included what I’d do if I were President for a day, or if I was invisible for a day, I wasn’t hoping for much (if I were President and invisible for a day I’d grope Colin Farrell’s bum – I should point out that our President is a woman, so I have to pick what I’d bet she’d like to do, otherwise the whole premise would be silly).

Anyway, this is the WordPress topic:

“Where do you find acceptance? For your ideas? For the secret notions you have for who you really want to be? Or think you are? Who are the friends, family or co-workers who are most accepting of your true self? And how do they demonstrate their acceptance? What is different about how they treat you than other people?”

See guys? A post about you lot.


3 thoughts on “Where I Lay My Hat

  1. speccy

    If I were the invisible president I’d go for Liam Neeson’s bum. If I got to be a fictional president I’d have to be Jed Bartlett because he was right about everything, even when he was wrong and grumpy.


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