Drama Queen

Tingirl’s drama school starts its new term this week.

She’s always been quite a quiet girl but changes totally once she gets on stage. She’s been with this group now since she’s been about eight, and I’ve always noticed that in every scene she is in she never stops acting.

We should probably have seen this coming since we went to Portugal on holiday when she was five. They would water the grass outside with sprinklers and the trajectory of the water would sometimes take it right up the steps of our apartment. She and Tinson2 would play chicken with the water, leaping back as it neared the steps, and once we heard her say “is that all you’ve got, Mister Sprinkler……if that’s your real name.”

I reckon that proves two things: that we let her watch too much TV, and that she’s a natural.


4 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Tinman Post author

    It’s the Gaiety School of Acting, but it’s in the Mermaid in Bray. I’ll get her to ask about what age they start at now & what time it’d be on at.


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