Dinner Date

A question (not from WordPress yet, though I bet it’ll come up) that you often see is “Who would you like to have as guests at a dinner party?”

Dinner Table (thanks, Matisse)

People generally say Albert Einstein, Stephen Fry, Germaine Greer and so on. Some will mention Gandhi, many now opt for Barrack Obama, though be honest, if Barrack Obama was coming to your house you’d spend so much money on cleaning and redecorating that you’d have no money left for food.

Marilyn Monroe gets a seat surprisingly often. I suspect this is because you can pretend you are picking her for reasons of historical interest, and so sound less lecherous than picking, say, Charlotte Jackson from Sky Sports News, whom I have picked at random because she’s on my TV screen at the moment. The hope that either of them might play footsie with you under the table should be filed in the “dream on” drawer in your life.

Charlotte Jackson (thanks, God)

People imagine that there will be interesting and stimulating conversation, and among the group mentioned above, for example, there probably would be. The mistake is in assuming that you will be able to keep up. People who wouldn’t cook for a top chef in a million years will invite a collection of geniuses to converse with them and believe that they will hold their own in this company.

Imagine telling them that you have a blog. And write stuff about Living Next Door to Alice on it. After that they will speak to you very slowly and loudly (“He Says That Space Can Be Bent”).

No-one ever admits that they think the whole thing might be a tedious ordeal, or that they don’t really like meeting strangers no matter how many of the Kennedys they have shagged.

Mrs Tin went to a dinner party last Saturday, while I was over in Manchester. It was in the house of the couple who are Tinson2’s godparents, and there were two other couples there that we know. That’s where you’ll find interesting conversation, and laughs, and warmth, and friendship.

They are the ideal guests at a dinner party – friends.


7 thoughts on “Dinner Date

  1. Tinman Post author

    Of course, Tilly, I’d be honoured.

    Actually, I’d love a dinner with all of you who come here (especialy since most of you are girls).

    Do you reckon it would end in a food fight?

  2. Jo

    I think you put yourself down. Not that I’m arguing that friends are good dinner guests but there are plenty of people who would be good dinner guests and with whom you could have great conversation, despite the fact that they were funnier/more intelligent/more talented/etcetc.

    My friends once met Michael Stipe in Dublin and they all went for coffee and had a lovely chat. The y would have missed out on a lot if they’d said no because he was a better musician then them.

  3. Grannymar

    Thank you dancing partner, I would love to sit at your table. Especially if you keep calling me ‘A Girl’!
    *Dances around the room with delight!*

  4. Anil

    Friends, yes. Familiarity counts for big. Still, I’d take a chance with Jim Corbett if his stories from Kumaon are anything to go by.


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