Ma Belle Fille

On Monday our receptionist showed Tinson2 how to tend reception while she spent an hour showing a Health and Safety Inspector around the office. This paid dividends when our receptionist unexpectedly had to take today off, and for the day callers to our company (pop. 252) were greeted by a 15 year-old boy.

He answered the phones, put callers through, greeted visitors, got them to sign in, contacted the correct people to deal with them, and scanned many, many documents for staff members, because none of the rest of us actually know how to use the scanner.

He is absolutely exhausted, and therefore will be unlikely to be awake to bid “au revoir” to his younger sister Tingirl, when she heads off to Paris in the morning.

Or later tonight. It all depends on whether you view 2.30am as being early tomorrow or late this evening. Either way, thats when she’s heading off to meet at the school for the Second-Years’ traditional  4-day school trip.

Unstereotypical Paris photo (via

They will visit Disneyland, go up the Eiffel Tower, see the Mona Lisa, boat-trip along the Seine at night and, being teenagers, will probably eat in McDonalds.

Tinson2 did the same trip when he was in Second Year (Tinson1 got Barcelona) and loved it. I’m sure she will too. Her normally ice-cool demeanour has been replaced by dashing about and speaking faster than the speed of sound, which doesn’t really matter as the pitch of her voice is so high this evening that only dogs can hear it anyway.

I’ll be up to wave her off anyway. I hope she has a great time.


5 thoughts on “Ma Belle Fille

  1. Grannymar

    I am off to bed, but not before waving good bye to Tingirl and wishing her a wonderful few days in Paris! Now Tindaddy try to be brave and not too lonely while she is away having a ball!

  2. laughykate

    OH fab.She’ll have such a blast. I remember another Tinchild Trip – it was also to Paris….what does that say? Lordy Tinman, how LONG have we been blogging !!


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