Running Late

What would you say to an extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning?

If you were me, or any of my morning busmates, you’d say “ah,for feck’s sake”.

For sometime now drivers have been telling us that there were changes coming to our bus route, and from tomorrow these changes come into effect. Our bus has been amalgamated with the next one, and will now run 20 minutes later.

What that means is that there is no single bus that will get people from the town of Greystones, just 19 miles from Dublin, into the city centre before eight o’clock in the morning.

There is just one earlier bus, at 5.30, and even that one doesn’t go all the way into Dublin, you’d have to get a second one.

Now, I don’t have to start at eight, but since I wake so early during the week (I think because of fear that I will oversleep) I do, and it is taken for granted that I will be first in and will open up and turn off the alarm in the office. May other people arrive at around the same time, so we’ll just have to make sure that enough of them are keyholders.

But Bernie, one of the people who is at my bus-stop every morning, starts work in the Mater Hospital at eight. She will no longer be able to use the bus at all, she will have to walk to the train station (at least half-an-hour’s walk from where she lives) and get the six-thirty train.

When you work just 19miles away and have to get up before more than two hours before you start work then there is something wrong with what is laughably called public transport in your area.

Their argument is that our bus wasn’t viable, that it was less than 60% full, which apparently is their criteria. But unless they think that the people on it were just getting it at that time for fun then obviously the service was needed, and I thought the idea of public transport was to give the public what it needed rather than what was viable.

I know that most of you reading this don’t even live in Ireland, let alone Greystones, and I’m kind-of sorry for ranting about this to you all. But the public being treated as dirt by so called public servants, people paid by us through our tax, happens everywhere and I’m be surprised if you didn’t all have some similar experience.

So, no jokes today, sorry.

No, wait, there is one. Our bus fare is going up from May 1st.


5 thoughts on “Running Late

  1. Jo

    For a long time, without question, the 84 bus was the most hated thing in my life.

    My father said he knew people who worked for Dublin Bus and hated trying to reform it and getting nowehere, and it was soul destroying. I still wish them all ill though. Bastards.

  2. Grannymar

    I’ll make you smile. George and Elly were taking Buffy (the puppy) for a walk the other day and a Dublin Bus drew up beside them. The driver wanted to ask them directions for where he was going!!!

    PS. We have half a bus service with none on a Sunday!

  3. Patti

    Ugh – sorry for the stupid inconvenience for you. I don’t use public transport, but am constantly amazed at how ridiculously-inefficient the system is here in Los Angeles – such a huge and sprawling city, with a public transportation system that doesn’t even begin to meet the city’s needs. The city is designed for driving cars and it would cost a huge fortune to make the trains and subways and buses what they should be, so it will never happen and LA traffic will remain legendary.

  4. Tilly Bud

    Government will never be serious about sustainable living until they fix public transport so that people don’t mind giving up their cars. Useless.

  5. morgor

    I’ll just be smug and say that I’m 5 minutes walk to a train station which delivers me to melbourne city centre in 15 minutes and it’s a further 10 minute walk from there.
    Trains are absolutely jammed though.


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