All in Good Taste

A blogpost in its early stages is like a toddler, gleefully waddling towards a particular destination before becoming distracted and suddenly veering off in a totally different direction.

Yesterday’s was one such post, a tale of lunchtime in the office that suddenly decided to poke fun at Irish food, poke a stick at porridge and end with a example of mischievous parenting from the last decade.

Anyway, as I started, we were in the kitchen trying to explain crubeens to two of the girls from overseas. One of them, a French girl, said that pigs’ ears were considered quite a delicacy on the continent. My face must have said “yuck” because the other girl said “no, they’re lovely, my sister’s dog loves to eat them.”

I opened my mouth to speak, closed it again and just sat obviously trying to hold in a laugh. They asked what was funny, and I refused to tell them. I refused to tell them that I had been about to say “yes, but your sister’s dog also loves to lick his own balls.”

I’m taking it as a sign that the derealisation is getting better. Six months ago I’d have said that out loud.


4 thoughts on “All in Good Taste

  1. Thug in a cocktail dress

    blogposts in the early stages are indeed like a toddler…in more ways than one…
    at least mine are…but then again I don’t have a degree in creative writing or anything similar so my blogs are just random crap about random happenings…
    they usually start out with a very brilliant thought, but then I realize I don’t have a whole blog’s worth to say…

  2. Tinman Post author

    Congrats, Ms Thug (I’m going to have to find something else to call you), I was just starting a post when I noticed that you’re my 2,500th comment.

    You don’t win anything, I’m afraid, hope the honour is enough.


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