The Non-blue Blues

My blue hair is gone.

It turns out that it wasn’t what hairdressers call “permanent” which apparently means a few months, it was “semi-permanent” which means a few weeks.

That’s fine, it served its purpose, I raised €2,700 for the Irish Cancer Society, so all’s well.

Well, almost.

In order to get the blue to take at all they had to bleach it first, so that it was this colour:

The problem is that this bleach was more permanent than the blue, so my hair is now pretty much that colour. A bigger problem than that is the number of people who have said “oh, I see your hair’s back to its normal colour.”

This was never my hair’s normal colour. It was fairly grey, but there was also quite a bit of brown left, at least as far as I knew. Suddenly my hair is white, about twenty years sooner than I’d hoped, and the general opinion is that this was always the case.

And then last night Tingirl was watching TV, and to my horror I saw my doppelganger.

I am now Gunther from Friends.


3 thoughts on “The Non-blue Blues

  1. Patti

    While it’s still white you could try a few different temporarily permanent colors, just for fun.
    And the comments you’ve been getting from others reminds me of a time when a girl who sat next to me at work was surprised to find I colored my hair when it had been at least three distinctively different shades during the time we had been desk neighbors.
    But it was easy to forgive her lack of attentiveness because she also guessed that I was “around 30” when I was in my mid – 40s.

  2. speccy

    Dying your hair is a slippery slope. My own colour (long gone) was dark brown. For many years it was shades of reddy brown, and now it’s blonde- all to hide the grey and then the white. You, on the other hand, have put the white in! But it’s not like Gunter, no, not really. really, it’s not.
    But it could be…


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