Feeling Yuck

My day off turned into an off day.

I got up, helped Mrs Tin with some stuff she needed for a meeting tonight, then was planning to walk slowly to the shop to buy a paper. In a very sudden change of plan I instead ran quickly to the toilet and threw up, something I honestly can’t remember doing for years.

I went back to bed at eleven and got up again at four this afternoon, and since then have sat like a potato on the couch feeling as if I’ve something rock-hard in my stomach like a potato, or perhaps a grenade.

Anyway, I just came here briefly to explain that, but I must just mention the third comment from yesterday.

It’s from Speccy, and what I guess it means is that she’s started a blog.

Send me the address and I’ll put it up here (if you type memineandotherbits into Google you don’t get anything) (sorry, if you type it in now you get this post) and we’ll all have a look. Welcome to the madhouse, you’ll love it.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Yuck

  1. Tinman Post author

    Well done, Grannymar!

    I’m hoping I’ll feel better by tomorrow, especially sine I’ve to go back to work either way.

  2. memineandotherbits

    oops, thanks Grannymar! I thought I’d working out all the linking business, but it seems not…
    I hope you’re a lot better today- delayed hangover?

    1. speccy

      I’ve pressed a few buttons, and done some cutting and pasting. Remedial classes may be necessary if this doesn’t work!

  3. Tinman Post author

    I think what you do is make a comment when your own blog isn’t on, so you have to type in your name and email address again. Then in the last box put your whole blog address
    and I think then when you comment people who click you name will link to your blog.
    Feel free to keep practising here, this is the most comments I’ve had in ages.


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