Up For The Day

Here I am in Belfast, all prepared for tonight’s Irish Blog Awards.

I was really looking forward to the train journey up, but stayed up till quarter to three last night watching RedNose Day with my daughter, then got up at seven, so I’m afraid I slept from Dublin to here.

I’m not in the final in any category, but our little commune here is well represented. Grannymar is in the final of the Best Personal Blog Section, while Grandad, who lurks here sometimes, is in the Best Humour Blog section, so I’ll be rooting for both of them.

I’ll give a report tomorrow on as much of the evening as i can remember. Now I’ve to go out and see if I can get a tiara to go with my ballgown.


7 thoughts on “Up For The Day

  1. jmg

    I was watching eskimos catch narwals, unicorns of the sea.
    Never occurred to me shamrocks were just clover and this blog look umm.
    re the Irish blog awards I thought you were from different countries now do you have an Irish football team together?
    Do you have much stuff as one country?

  2. Tinman Post author

    We play cricket & rugby together, jmg, it’s really only soccer & the Olympics that I can think of where we’ve different teams. It’s a teeny island.
    It was my pleasure, GM and oh, God I never thought there’d be pictures Jo.
    There was a good a crowd at it but everyone seemed to head off to a different bar as soon as it ended.

  3. Tinman Post author

    Oh, and I had a look at the blog they were talking about all night.
    It’s by a new mother, phew.


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