Adversity, In Versity

I haven’t used the WordPress daily prompt for quite a while now, but last night’s was “Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts”.

So here is the story of yesterday, re-told through the medium of bonsai poetry:

HR give us forms –
We rate how well we’re working.
Thought that was their job.
Watering a cup
Then leaving it in the sink
Does not make it clean.
Raving about cups
To friends who didn’t do it
Makes lunchtime quite tense.
Stress can make you dizzy
Which is not good for your heart.
I should know that best.
Now I’ll say sorry
To my best friend at work
She’ll back me – again.
The haiku just above
Has six bits in the middle
It’s just a crock of
All that drove me nuts?
No, that’s just the whole problem.
I’m already nuts.
You lot really help
When you are so supportive
Hope you all know that.
Today’s another day
I feel a whole lot better –
Told you I would win.

5 thoughts on “Adversity, In Versity

  1. speccy

    You were already winning when you knew there would be a good day again. Today? Result!
    I’m going to brave a room full of strangers on Sat night and now you tell me you don’t even have the blue hair marker any more? You’ll find me as all the others run away as they realise I don’t write a blog and so must be a stalker!

  2. Tinman Post author

    Don’t worry Speccy, you’ll easily find me because,
    (a) I’ll be the best looking bloke in the room (sorry, Grandad)
    (b) My hair is now bleached/blonde with a bluish hue
    (c) I’ll be one of the toyboys gathered around Grannymar, feeding her grapes.

    Oh, and we also all get name-stickers.

    Looking forward to meeting you.



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