In Good Voice

We are just back from watching our kids’ school’s production of Oliver. It was great fun as all school productions are, with some mistakes, some terrific acting and a couple of really beautiful singers.

Tingirl was in the chorus and appeared on stage three times as a backing singer and dancer. Tinson2 was involved in moving sets, and made a brief appearance when the lights came on accidently while he and two others were carrying stuff onto the stage.

When Tingirl appears in the shows that the Gaiety School of Acting do at the end of each term she always plays quite a large part, but I think she had a smaller role in this because she would have had to sing. I’ve never heard her sing, indeed I wrote a post once about how I never hear any of my children actually sing, but I fear she may take after her brothers.

At the end of Tinson1’s first year at school he received his school report. For music his teacher wrote “Tinson1 participated in all musical activities”, which is pretty faint praise, since all she was basically telling us was that he turned up for class. The following year he got the shorter but more ominous “enthusiastic response”, which means he turned up for class and joined in loudly and brayfully.

By his third year music formed a less important part of their curriculum, so his teacher no longer had to think up some euphemism for “sounds like a sick dog”. The following year, though, Tinson2 started at the same school.

And at the end of the first year, opposite the word “Music” on his report, a totally different teacher wrote “Tinson2 participated in all musical activities.”

Perhaps they should form a band together. They could be the new Jedward.


2 thoughts on “In Good Voice

  1. Grannymar

    When I was at school… *plays air violin* I played no instrument and was taught singing by a piano thumper, thus the reason for me sounding like an ally cat! Thankfully that was never put on my report.

  2. A Frend

    Sounds like a good school if even squawkers are allowed join in. I was told just to stand in the back row of the choir and mime singing.


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