A Real Filler

Friday posts are always my biggest problem.

Every morning I write something in Microsoft Works on the way into work on the bus, work further on it on the way home, then come home and cut and paste it into my blog. Before I publish it, though, I check it, alter it, then buff, massage, polish and other-thesaurus-words it into a state where I am happy to let the world at large read it.

On Fridays the final part of this is delayed and often severely compromised by the fact that I go to my local after work, and tend to arrive home quite late.I have five minutes left to fulfil my posy-a-day pledge, and the post I wrote today is not ready yet.

I could write about the reaction of my local to my blue hair, but my readership now seems to be about 98% female, so most of what they said I can’t repeat in front of you gentle souls.

They did give me some money, though, so in the end it was worth it.

Longer post tomorrow.


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